RPi Roundup – 14th April 2014

Big News

The Big News today is that The Pi Hut has undergone a website redesign and is now offering a lot more products. Jamie has been hard at work filling up the shop with new gadgets for the Pi and also introducing a range of Arduino-focused products for those of you who are interested in microcontrollers. It's well worth having a browse around!

Tutorial Corner

14-year old Zach Igielman has just started up a YouTube channel. His first video is a tutorial for using the MMA7455 accelerometer. He's got a great style of delivery and goes into what the sensor does and how to do it. Watch his video below.

Featured video

Raspberry Pi Foundation founder Eben Upton went over to Dublin to talk at the University College. His speech, As Easy As (Raspberry) Pi: How New Technologies Are Changing Your World, can be seen below:

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