Raspberry Pi Roundup - 17th Nov 2014

The Big News

Today, Gert Van Loo launched the Gertbot - a new motor controller board. It's a powerful piece of kit. It can drive lots of motors and even generate DCC signals which will allow model train enthusiasts to use a Pi to control their set. You can read more about it and buy one from us by visiting the shop.

Internet of Things

Jose Cruz from Oracle has written a wiring and programming tutorial to read a flame sensor, movement sensor (PIR) and an ultrasonic distance sensor using Java ME 8. Read the tutorial here.


Over at NestBoxTech, they’re doing a series on building your own ‘trail camera’ with a Raspberry Pi. The trail cam is triggered by movement, which then results in a captured image. The whole thing uses the piCamera Python library. It’s a lovely build and well worth looking at if you want to do something similar. Read about it here (part 1) and here (part 2).

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