RPi Roundup – 1st August 2014

The Big News


The Raspberry Pi Foundation is now accepting applications for it’s £1 million Education Fund. The pot of money will be distributed to projects that “encourage young people to learn about computing or illustrate how computing can be used to enhance education in STEM or the creative arts.” Head over to the Foundation’s website to find out about the eligibility criteria and how to apply if you think you have a project worthy of a donation.



Russell Barnes at RasPi.Today has done an interesting interview with James Adams of the Foundation in which he discusses the evolution of the Raspberry Pi and how the Compute Module and the B+ came about. Read it here.

Project Corner


A toy gun, a Raspberry Pi and a teleprompter-like transparent screen go together to create a shoot-the-asteroids game in today’s Project Corner. You can read more and watch a video of it in action on Avishay Orpaz’s blog.

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