RPi Roundup – 3rd August 2014

The Big News


A new version of Mathematica for the Pi is available as reported on the Raspberry Pi Foundation blog. This is version 10 and has over 700 new functions. Read more here.

Security Alert!


A bunch of Symantec researchers used a Bluetooth-enabled Raspberry Pi to snoop on data being broadcast from Bluetooth devices in busy areas of Switzerland and Ireland. This was just to prove how insecure wearable devices can be. You can read more on their blog.

Robotics Competition


Over at the Cambridge Raspberry Jam, myself and Tim Richardson have just announced the rules for Pi Wars – a robotics competition that is to take place in December in Cambridge, UK. You can read full details of the competition over on piwars.org.

Webinar with Eben


Eben Upton has led a webinar for Element 14 in which he discusses the Pi and how the Compute Module and Model B+ were designed and made and then fields questions from the audience. You can listen/watch the webinar by going to this page.

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