RPi Roundup – 10th August 2014

Breaking the Wall


Recently, a two day event called “Hack North Korea” was held in which teams came up with ways to distribute information in the notoriously difficult-to-crack North Korea. North Korea uses some particularly draconian measures when it comes to freedom of information – politely put, there is no freedom of information. The winning team wants to use Raspberry Pis to pick up South Korean broadcasts and distribute pre-loaded SD cards. Not sure how feasible the idea is, but they’ve won the right to travel to South Korea and work with North Korean dissidents on getting the idea into practice. Read more here.

Clustered Pis


Lee Martie and his team took 45 Raspberry Pis and clustered them together. They mine Java code repositories on GitHub and provide an interface to search the code online. You can use the searching tool here.

Control motors


Matt Timmons-Brown (aka The Raspberry Pi Guy) has done a new video! Always slickly produced and accessible, this one is an update to a previous video he did in which he controls a DC motor. He uses a RyanTeck Motor Controller Board and a battery pack, adds them to a Raspberry Pi and writes some Python to control movement. Watch it on YouTube.

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