Raspberry Pi Roundup - 25th May 2016


George Merlocco has taken gaming to extremes with his “Painsaw” project which involves a Raspberry Pi Zero, an Adafruit TFT, some other gubbinses and a blummin’ CHAINSAW. The chainsaw is an Echo Junior Chainsaw toy and you can find out more details and see more pics by visiting his blog.

Analog - Kickstarter

Alex Eames has launched a Kickstarter to develop the Analog Zero, a Raspberry Pi add-on board that adds 8 analog inputs via an MCP3008 analog-to-digital converter chip. I recently reviewed the board over on my blog. I really liked it - it's the best solution for adding lots of these inputs to your Pi and gives you a small prototyping area as well as the rest of the GPIO pins broken out for your use. You can get hold of an Analog Zero for £8 (early-bird) or £9 (standard) (plus cheap postage). Be aware that this campaign is running for 7 days only so pledge sooner rather than later!

The board works with all models of the Raspberry Pi. If you’d like to pledge to get hold of one or more of the Analog Zero, head over to Kickstarter!

The Simpsons...

Some things just need to be made. This is obviously what Stephen Coyle must have thought when he created this simple Simpsons episode shuffler with a Raspberry Pi Zero. When you press the yellow (naturally) button on top, the Pi randomly selects an episode which it then plays. Read more here.


Episode 21 of the Pi Podcast is now out! This time, the guys give their views on the new Pi camera, an IKEA Lack table retro gaming console, Pi Wars 2017 (about which, more later I hope!) and various other pieces of news. They also interview OKtoshi about his Pi distro ROKOS which deals with all kinds of cryptocurrencies. Listen to the podcast now. I really recommend The Pi Podcast – it’s the only one out there after all and, after 21 episodes (!), the guys seem to have hit their stride and relaxed into it.