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The Pi HutUSB-A to Micro-USB Cable
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8086USB CDC Serial Adaptor (3.3v)
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The 8086 USB-USB NULL Modem (UUNM) is a back-to-back USB to Serial converter using USB CDC Serial - meaning drivers are already built in to most modern operating systems (Linux/Windows 10/Mac OS X/Android) so you can just plug n' play!


The USB-USB Null Modem can be used to set up additional remote consoles between servers, file transfer, SLIP/PPP networking, heartbeats and more.

What makes it special?

Whilst there are similar USB-USB Null Modems, many have bulky built-in cables or need drivers. This USB-USB NULL Modem adaptor uses existing cables and uses built-in drivers.

Note: Micro-USB cables are not supplied and must be purchased separately.

Baud rates

The following baud rates are supported (speed on both ends must match).

Baud rate Miss rate (%)
2,400 0.16
4,800 0.16
9,600 0.04
19,200 0.04
38,400 0.16
57,600 0.16
115,200 0.16
230,400 0.16
460,800 0.79
1,700,000 0.84
2,300,000 0.62
3,400,000 0.84

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