USB Power Switch Pro Kit for Pico

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This handy kit enables power to a USB device (Chromecast/Raspberry Pi/USB Fan/USB light/etc) to be turned on/off by a Raspberry Pi Pico or Pico W!

The board can be used with either a Pico W for WiFi-enabled control or using a regular Pico when using sensors or button inputs. A great match for our squid button cables!

Examples using CircuitPython are provided.

Note: Requires soldering of Pico/PicoW (not supplied) and USB Type-A socket (supplied but unsoldered).


  • Micro USB* - Power input / USB Data connected to output USB Type-A Socket.
  • Micro USB* (Pico) - Power input / USB Data connected to Pico.
  • 3-in 0.1" pin header (GND/GP13/GP12).
  • 4-pin SH - I2C STEMMA QT/Qwiic compatible (GND/3v3/GP26/GP27).

[*] The micro USB ports are intentionally back to back to prevent both being connected at the same time.

Example usage

  • Simple push/slide switch at the end of a (long) cable, using internal pull-up on the Pico
  • Internal temperature sensor triggering a USB fan when reaching a temperature
  • I2C CO2 sensor triggering a light
  • Wireless controlled Sleep function for Chromecast/Monitor

You can find example CircuitPython scripts on Github.

Pins & power

Power for the output USB ports is controlled using GP2 (high=on), the other pins have been chosen to increase the usefulness of the board for those who may want to take advantage of the alternate functions.

GPxx Port Functions
GP12 3-pin header UART0 TX / I2C0 SDA / SPI1 RX
GP13 3-pin header UART0 RX / I2C0 SCL / SPI1 CSn
GP26 4-pin SH A0 / SPI1 SCK / I2C1 SDA
GP27 4-pin SH A1 / SPI1 TX / I2C1 SCL

Please Note

  • FOR USE ONLY WITH 5 VOLT supplies and devices - Using anything else may damage your power supply/charger/USB devices and the USB Power Switch Pro board.
  • USB data lines are connected at all times to either Pico or Output USB port depending on which micro USB port is used.


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