USB A to USB C Adapter

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As technology changes and adapts, so does Adafruit, and speaking of adapting, this adapter has a USB A plug and a USB C socket so your older computer or laptop can catch up to the latest USB Type C.

USB C is the latest industry-standard connector for transmitting data and power. Like Lightning and MagSafe cables, USB C has no up or down orientation. And who among us has inserted USB A correctly the first time?

Works great with any device that has a USB A port and will let you attach a USB C cable. Works best with USB 3 ports, since they're faster, but will work just fine on USB 1 or 2. These adapters don't magically give you USB C speeds if you are using a USB 2.x port, and they wont give you the power negotiation stuff because your computer doesn't have that built in. So it's strictly for devices that use 5V and up to 1A.

Technical Details

Revision History:

  • As of Friday, January 15th, 2021, this adapter now measures 34mm x 14.4mm x 7.2mm. It used to be 38mm long. Functionality is the same.

Product Dimensions: 34.0mm x 14.4mm x 7.2mm / 1.3" x 0.6" x 0.3"

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