UPS Pico Double 18650 Battery Holder [Discontinued]

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Double 18650 Li-Ion battery Holder for UPS Pico HV3.0A/B/B+ HATs!

The UPS PIco LP/LF/Li-Ion 18650 Battery Holder is an add-on board for the UPS PIco HV3.0A/B/B+ HATs that enables use of the widely available 18650 Li-Ion batteries. Simply swap out the LiPo battery included with the PIco, and you can use 18650's instead! 18650 batteries have a capacity of ~ 3000mAh.

Each 18650 Battery Holder is equipped with inverse battery insertion protection, however we strongly recommend that you use PCB protected batteries.

This is the "Double" 18650 holder, which is able to take two batteries. Batteries are NOT included in the purchase!

The 18650 holder connects to the PIco via a 2-wire JST-XHP-2 Battery Connector, and comes complete with mounting spacers, screws & nuts to mount the PCB above the UPS PIco.

This product is NOT compatible with the Terminal Block PCB.

This product is an add-on board for the UPS PIco and requires a UPS PIco for use. We do not endorsed compatibility with any other product or system, and users who do choose to use the battery holder with another device do so at their own risk.

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