UART Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor (FPC Connector)

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This fully integrated capacitive fingerprint sensor provides an efficient way for users to capture, process, store, and match fingerprints. Based on a high-performance processor & semiconductor fingerprint sensor, it's equipped with a built-in IDfinger6.0 fingerprint algorithm that enables it to complete fingerprint recognition independently. And when working with the DFRobot Arduino library, the sensor can realize functions like fingerprint entry, deletion, and matching through UART. Also, upper computer software is provided to help users easily operate it.

This low-power sensor comes with a compact size and delicate appearance and offers fast recognition and high security. Moreover, it supports 360-degree view object recognition and deep self-learning.

You can find the controller that is featured in the connection diagram below, here

Connection Diagram - DFRobot Leonardo


  • 360-degree fingerprint entry and matching
  • Self-learning function
  • Compact size, easy to install


  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V
  • Operating Current: <40mA
  • Communication Method: UART
  • Storage Capacity: 80 fingerprints
  • 1: N Verification Time: <0.5S
  • Pixel Resolution: 508dpi
  • Number of Pixels: 160x160
  • Operating Environment: -10 to 60℃ / 20% to 80%RH
  • Dimension: diameter of 19mm/0.75"



Num Label Description
1 GND Ground
2 RX UART receive
3 TX UART transmit
4 VIN Processor Power supply (3.3V): operate when powered on, enter sleep mode when powered off
5 IRQ Finger sensing output: active high
6 3.3V Power supply for collector

Package Contents

  • UART Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor (FPC Connector) × 1
  • 0.5mm-6Pin FPC Cable × 1
  • FPC-Pin Header Adapter × 1

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