Stepper Motor Driver Pack

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The Stepper Motor Driver Pack includes a stepper motor and a motor driver board. It's a four-phase eight-stepping stepper motor, which you can easily control via the included driver board.

The stepper motor driver in the pack is a classic popular driver that has proven itself ubiquity and versatility across a wide range of applications, including solenoids, relays, lamps, small motors, LEDs and more. What's more, it can operate over a wide temperature range (about - 40°C to 105°C).

What is a stepper motor driver?

A stepper motor driver is an actuator that converts pulse signals into angular displacement signals. When the stepper motor driver receives the pulse signal, it is able to drive the stepper motor to rotate at an angle called the step angle through the set direction.


  • Four-phase eight-stepping stepper motor
  • Includes both a stepper motor and a motor drive board in the pack
  • ULN200x, ULQ200x High-Voltage, High-Current Darlington Transistor Arrays
  • Compact size for easy deployment
  • Wide operating temperature (- 40°C to 105°C)

Package Contents

  • 1x Stepper Motor Driver Board
  • 1x Stepper Motor + cable



Stepper motor pinout

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