Seeed 6x10 RGB Matrix for XIAO

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This 6 x 10 RGB Matrix extension board is designed for the Seeed XIAO series, making it great for wearable tech projects. The board features an array of sixty compact WS2812B LEDs, each measuring 1 x 1mm, and have been arranged to form a vibrant and colourful display. This matrix isn't just about visual appeal; it's a useful tool for all kinds of projects. It's perfect for creating interactive art, innovative notification systems, or adding a colourful element to your projects.

The design of this matrix is focused on easy integration with the XIAO series main controllers, including compatibility with the QT Py from Adafruit. It includes VCC, GND, and DIN solder pads, providing easy and flexible connectivity. Whether you're an artist, a developer, or a hobbyist, this RGB Matrix is a great option for enhancing your projects with a touch of colour and light and is adaptable for different uses.

XIAO board not included



LED Type XL-1010RGBC-WS2812B
Number of LEDs 60
Arrangement 6 rows x 10 columns
LED Size 1mm x 1mm
Connection Port Digital
Additional Pads VCC, GND, DIN, DOUT


Package Contents

  • 1x 6 x 10 RGB Matrix for XIAO
  • 2x 7-pin Female Header

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