RS232/485/422 to RJ45 Ethernet Module (POE ETH)

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This RJ45 Ethernet Module transmits bi-directional transparent data between RS232/485/422 and the RJ45 ethernet connection. It has many forms of communication, including TCP Server / TCP Client / UDP Mode / UDP Multicast. There is a more flexible conversion between different protocols with its MQTT/JSON To Modbus feature and a Modbus gateway support that is suitable for a Modbus gridding upgrade, that can be used with specific configuration software.

The ethernet port can send data to three serial ports simultaneously, but only one of the RS232, RS485, And RS422 can send data to the ethernet port at the same time. Having an onboard power supply, signal isolation, built-in TVS (transient voltage suppression tube) to suppress the surge voltage, lightning proof, ESD protection, and an aluminium alloy enclosure, makes this a solid, durable and safe device.

With its multi-configuration methods, NTP protocol support (used to synchronize with computer clock time sources in a network) Multi hosts roll-polling support, screw terminals, DC power port and Poe Ethernet port for power support, a rail mount buckle design to combine multi-rail mounted serial servers together, and small in size for easy installation. This module is great for your transmitting and communication needs.

For the version of this module without POE, and a common network port, click here


  • TCP server, TCP client, UDP mode, and UDP multicast. When used as a TCP client, it also supports TCP server functions. It supports 30 TCP connections as a TCP server and 7 destination IPs as a TCP client.
  • The baud rate supports 1200~115200bps, the data bit supports 5~9 bits, and the parity bit can be in five ways: no parity, odd parity, even parity, mark, and space.
  • Supports the function of sending MAC address on device connection, which is convenient for cloud management of devices.
  • Provides a secondary development kit DLL development library for searching and configuring devices on the computer side.
  • Web browser configuration, support DHCP to obtain IP dynamically, and DNS protocol to connect domain name server address.
  • Cloud remote search for devices, configure device parameters and upgrade device programs.
  • Supports viewing the TCP connection status, and the data sending and receiving of the serial port. The virtual serial port also supports the monitoring function.

What's on Board




Model RS232/485/422 TO POE ETH (B)
Product Type Serial server, Modbus gateway, MQTT gateway
Primary Function Realize the bidirectional transparent transmission function of RS232/485/422 to Ethernet
Communication Interface RS232/485/422 × 1, Ethernet port × 1
Power Supply Screw terminal DC 6~36V or PoE network port
Isolation Protection Power isolation, signal isolation protection
Communication Interface
Ethernet PoE Ethernet port, support IEEE 802.3af standard
10 / 100M self-adaptive RJ45 interface, 2KV surge protection
Serial Port Isolated RS232/485/422
Serial Parameters
Baud Rate 300 ~ 115200 bps
Parity Bit None, odd parity, even parity, mark, space
Data Bits 5 ~ 9 bits
Flow Control No flow control
Configuration Method PC configuration, WEB browser, device management function library
Communication Method TCP/IP direct communication, virtual serial port mode
Operating Mode TCP server, TCP client (TCP server also coexist), UDP, UDP multicast
-40℃ ~ 85℃
Humidity Range 5% ~ 95% relative humidity
Dimensions L × W × H: 88.7 × 64.5 × 24.2 mm


Package Contents

  • 1x RS232/485/422 To RJ45 Ethernet Module

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