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The RFID Breakout Board is a universal RFID module for use with the development board of your choice - with examples provided for the Raspberry Pi and Arduino!

The breakout board uses an updated UART/USB 2.0 interface running at 125KHz with a compact design. It allows you to read the information stored on 125KHz RFID key fobs and tags - and one of each is provided in the pack!

Each RFID tag/key fob comes with a unique identity that cannot be copied, so it's great for an access project. The reading distance is around 0-5 cm but this can also depend on the tag type. The board has an integrated antenna that supports this range.

The operating voltage is 4.5V-5.5V(DC) with a current consumption of 50mA. Baud rate is 9600 bps.


  • Universal design supports multiple dev boards - Raspberry Pi, Arduino, STM32, PIC, ARM, AVR, Beaglebone etc
  • Examples provided for Raspberry Pi and Arduino
  • Supports 125kHz Key Fob/ Tags
  • UART (Serial) / USB 2.0 Interface
  • Comes with online development resources and manual


  • Operating Voltage: +4.5V to +5.5V(DC)
  • Operating Frequency: 125kHz
  • Communication Interface: UART (Serial) / USB 2.0
  • Default baud rate: 9600 bps
  • Current Consumption: 50mA
  • Operating Voltage: 4.5V-5.5V(DC)
  • Operating temperature: 0ºC - 80ºC

Board Features

RFID Breakout Features

1) RFID Module (125KHz)

2) Buzzer

3) Card Detection LED

4) Power LED

5) UART (Serial) / USB 2.0 Interface

Package Contents

  • 1x RFID Breakout Board
  • 1x 125KHz RFID Fob
  • 1z 125KHz RFID Card



Pinout Description
VCC Connect to 5V of Power supply
GND Connect to ground
BEEP Connect to Buzzer, HIGH on detection of card
SEL SEL=1 then o/p =RS232, SEL=0 then o/p=WEIGAND
DATA Transmit pin for RS232 Communication
D0 WEIGAND interface DATA HIGH pin
D1 WEIGAND interface DATA LOW pin

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