Resistor Packs (1/2 Watt, ±1%)

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If you need a specific value resistor for your project, our handy resistor packs are the perfect addition to your basket.

These are 1/2 Watt resistors - larger and with thicker legs than the 1/4 Watt resistors that are more commonly used amongst makers (and of course, capable of higher wattage).

Available in a range of values from 0Ω all the way up to 1MΩ, these sets come in 25-piece packs. These resistors are 1/2 Watt metal film with a ±1% tolerance and come in a grip-seal bag.

Why would I want to use a chunkier 1/2W resistor?

1/2W resistors are a little less fiddly than traditional 1/4W resistors due to their larger/longer body, and the thicker legs can hold in solderless breadboards a lot better.

We received a request to stock these from a customer who was having trouble with smaller resistors - so here they are!

Values available

Select above before adding to basket:

  • 0 Ω
  • 10 Ω
  • 20 Ω
  • 47 Ω
  • 100 Ω
  • 220 Ω
  • 330 Ω
  • 470 Ω
  • 1k Ω
  • 2.2k Ω
  • 4.7k Ω
  • 10k Ω
  • 22k Ω
  • 47k Ω
  • 100k Ω
  • 220k Ω
  • 470k Ω
  • 1M Ω

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