Relay 4 Zero - 4-Channel Relay Board for Pi Zero

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The Relay 4 Zero provides a solution for controlling low and medium current/voltage devices with your Raspberry Pi Zero (or any 40-pin Raspberry Pi).

It's a nice solution for controlling devices that can't be directly controlled by the Raspberry Pi's digital I/Os (GPIO). The standardised pHAT form factor enables a smooth connection with Raspberry Pi.

It is a 4-channel relay shield with 2A 120V AC output and 2A 24V DC output ratings. Relay 4 Zero is designed for triggering at low voltage levels.

The relay channel 1, 2, 3, and 4 are connected with GPIO pin number 31, 33, 35, and 37 of the Raspberry Pi respectively. The channels are configurable and can be connected with other pins as well with the help of headers.


  • Four high-quality 3V Relays (loads up to 2A/24VDC or 2A/120VAC)
  • Control up to 4 devices
  • 40-pin stacking header
  • LEDs for indicating the status of each relay
  • Standardised pHAT shape and design
  • Mounting holes provided
  • Compatible with all 40-pin models of Raspberry Pi
  • Note: PCB colour may be green or blue


  • Relay channels - 4
  • Voltage - 3V
  • AC Control Voltage - 120V @ 2A
  • DC Control Voltage - 24V @ 2A
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 3 x 2 cm (Approx.)
  • Weight: 100gm (Approx.)


Note: Raspberry Pi Zero not included. PCB colour may be green or blue.

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