RCA Audio/Video Composite Module 13.2

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The Module RCA is a composite signal expansion module for audio and video, that uses the common S-terminal RCA connector, divided into two (left and right channels) audio and one video output. The audio part adopts the I2S power amplifier chip PCM5102APWR scheme, which has a 32-bit stereo audio signal output. In terms of video, the DAC analogue video signal function of the main control ESP32, can generate analogue video signals with a max resolution of 864 x 576 (PAL, PAL_M) The module contains a DC socket and a 9-24V to 5V DCDC circuit. This product is suitable for audio and video equipment that drives the S-terminal interface.


  • RCA composite video audio output(Left and right channel audio interface)
  • RCA female jack terminals
  • 1 CVBS video output interface (GPIO25&GPIO26 switch between two choices)
  • 3.5mm headphone jack audio output
  • Port C interface
  • PCM5102 audio stereo DAC
  • DC 9-24V to 5V Output (<5V, 3A)


Resources Parameters
Audio stereo DAC chip Audio stereo DAC chip
interface RCA female seat
channel 1 CVBS video output interface (GPIO25&GPIO26 switch between two choices)
Output signal Audio and video (3.5mm headphone jack output optional)
Audio stereo DAC chip PCM5102APWR
Product Size 54mm × 54mm × 19.7mm
Package Size 93mm × 63mm × 25mm
Product Weight 22.5g
Package Weight 41.7g


Package Contents

  • 1x RCA Module

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