Raspberry Pi Build HAT Power Supply

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Power your Raspberry Pi Build HAT projects with the Raspberry Pi Build HAT Power Supply!

This is the official UK power supply for the Raspberry Pi Build HAT. The power supply provides 8V 6A (48W) to the Build HAT, which can then provide enough power for the Raspberry Pi, Build HAT and connected LEGO® SPIKE™ Prime motors and sensors.

No separate power supply is required for the Raspberry Pi when using the Build HAT PSU via the Build HAT.

This power supply uses a 2.1mm centre-positive barrel jack connector. Want to use this for other projects? Grab one of these DC Power Adapters to break out the 8V/GND lines - handy for buck converters and other uses!

Built HAT Power Supply Features

  • Designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi Build HAT
  • UK 3-pin Power Supply
  • Input: 110-240V AC
  • Output: 8V DC, 6A
  • Output connector: 5.5mm x 2.1mm x 11mm centre-positive barrel jack
  • Cable: 1.5m 16AWG
  • Colour: White

Built HAT Power Supply Specification


  • Voltage Range
    • 100-240Vac (rated)
    • 96-264Vac (operating)
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz ±3Hz
  • Current: 50/60Hz ±3Hz
  • Power consumption (no load): 0.1W maximum
  • Inrush current: No damage shall occur and the input fuse shall not blow


  • Output Voltage: +8.0V DC
  • Minimum Load Current: 0.01A
  • Nominal Load Current: 6A
  • Maximum Power: 48W
  • Load regulation: ±5%
  • Line regulation: ±5%
  • Ripple & Noise: 200mVp-p
  • Rise time: 100ms maximum to regulation limits for DC outputs
  • Turn-on delay: 3000ms maximum at nominal input AC voltage and full load
  • Protection:
    • Short circuit
    • Overcurrent
    • Overvoltage
  • Efficiency: 87.77% minimum (output current from 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%)
  • Output cable: 1.5m 16AWG
  • Output connector: Barrel connector, 5.5mm × 2.1mm × 11mm, centre positive

Built HAT Power Supply Physical Specification

Build HAT Power Supply Dimensions

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