Raspberry Pi 4 Extreme Cooling Heat Sink Fan Kit

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If you're pushing your Raspberry Pi 4 to the limits, this heat sink fan kit is a great way to keep things running cool and stable.

The large finned metal heatsink attaches to the Raspberry Pi 4 CPU and RAM chip via the included adhesive thermal pads, moving heat from those vital components through to the heatsink body. The included quiet fan then pushes cool air through the fins, continuously removing heat from your Raspberry Pi.

The kit works with both the Raspberry Pi 4 and 3 - thermal pads are included for both models. The heatsink and fan come pre-assembled, leaving just the thermal tape assembly for you to complete.

The fan runs from the Raspberry Pi 5V and GND pins and requires no code or other hardware.

Note: Raspberry Pi 4 not included. The heatsink is intended to be sat 'on top' - mounting your Pi sideways/upside down may eventually cause the adhesive to fail.

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