Prototyping Shield for Arduino MKR

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This small prototyping shield fits nicely on top of an Arduino MKR or a CANZERO board: just solder two 14 pin headers and plug in! It's an easy way to create a more permanent (yet removable) prototype for your IoT project.

There are two breakout pads for each header pin of the MKR board. Additionally, in order to connect the shield to other elements in your project, there are two spaces to fit:

Two rows on the PCB are preconnected to power rails of the MKR headers, one row is connected to the GND pin and the other is connected to the 3.3V (VCC) pin. The PCB has ENIG (gold) plating for the best solderability.

Package Contents

  • Prototyping PCB
  • 40 pin breakable gold plated male header.

3.5mm terminal blocks or JST headers are not included.

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