Protector Jacket for BBC micro:bit V2

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This is our most affordable, compact protection solution for your BBC micro:bit V2.

It's a super-simple PVC 'jacket' for your micro:bit, ensuring grubby fingers and other mistreatment won't cause damage to your board - superb for school micro:bit sets or slightly care-free kids (we're speaking from experience here)!

The protector simply pushes on (well, it's tight and fiddly but it has to be!) and provides protection whilst continuing to offer access to all ports, buttons, speaker, microphone and pins.

micro:bit board not included

Before you buy

  • Please note that fitting takes a minute or two as the jacket is naturally a tight fit (removing it is equally as fiddly!).
  • The reset button can be used when your micro:bit is in this case, but physical feedback from the button is slightly muted.

Package Contents

    • 1x Protector jacket for micro:bit V2

    micro:bit board not included

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