Power over Ethernet (PoE) HAT (D) for Raspberry Pi

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Most PoE HATs consume all of your Raspberry Pi GPIO pins making it tricky to use other components whilst utilising Power over Ethernet. They can also be a little tricky to find a case for. This new PoE HAT from Waveshare solves both of those problems, whilst also maintaining 802.3af compliance and offering 5V @ 2.5A.

The Waveshare PoE hat (D) has a special header setup that only uses 4 pins on the GPIO header and the 4-pin PoE header, leaving most of the remaining GPIO pins accessible for your projects. There's even a breakout section for 5V, GND, SCL and SDA to connect a pin header to.

The other cool feature of this PoE HAT is that it will fit inside the official Raspberry case (both the Pi4 and 3B+ versions) without any modification, great for keeping the original Raspberry Pi look and avoiding having to buy another case for the HAT.

This PoE HAT allows you to provide both a network connection and power supply for your Raspberry Pi using just one Ethernet cable, when using 802.3af-compliant power sourcing equipment such as an injector or PoE switch/router. The onboard high-speed fan keeps your HAT and Raspberry Pi cool.


  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 3B+/4B
  • Compatible with the Raspberry Pi official case
  • Majority of GPIO pins free for projects
  • PoE (Power Over Ethernet) capability - IEEE 802.3af-compliant
  • Fully isolated switched-mode power supply (SMPS)
  • Onboard high speed active cooling fan, better heat dissipation
  • Max. power output - 5V 2.5A


  • PoE power input: 37V-57V
  • Power output: 5V @ 2.5A
  • Network standard: IEEE 802.3af
  • Dimensions: 58.90 × 54.92mm

Package Contents

  • 1x PoE HAT (D)
  • 1x Standoffs pack


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