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The MonkMakes Power for micro:bit opens up lots of ways of powering your micro:bit.

This tiny board has a standard DC barrel jack socket at one end and provides a regulated 3.3V output that you can use to power your micro:bit using the JST battery connector attached to wires coming from the other end of the board.

You might want to use a MonkMakes Power for micro:bit board if you want to use batteries, an AC/DC adapter, solar panels or other sources of power that are not the 3V or so that the micro:bit requires.

The Power for micro:bit will accept an input voltage of 4.5-12V DC from its standard DC barrel jack socket and convert it into a regulated 3.3V for your micro:bit.

The additional advantages of using a Power for micro:bit instead of a USB 5V power supply are firstly that some USB 5V adaptors can cause problems with the micro:bit (see micro:bit’s safety guidelines), and secondly because the micro:bit’s battery connector is connected directly to the 3V alligator clip-able connector of the micro:bit - so you can supply other things that are connected to the micro:bit with a lot more than the usual 90mA. In fact you can supply up to 200mA (although the regulator will get hot at high currents — see instruction documents below).

This makes the board great for use with things like NeoPixel strips or servomotors that need a bit more current!

Note: Power board only. micro:bit and other pictured cables not included.



  • Input connector: 2.1mm DC barrel jack connector (positive-centre)
  • Output connector: JST-2.0mm on flying leads
  • Voltage regulator IC: LD1117-3.3V

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