PoE Splitter with USB-C - 5V 2A - 100MB Ethernet [Discontinued]

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Power over Ethernet (PoE) splitters can make your project wiring a breeze - and best of all they work to connect any 802.3af-capable router to any Ethernet device, even if it doesn't natively support PoE! The splitter takes a unified PoE signal (data and power) from one RJ-45 cable, and then separates the data (Ethernet) and power (5 VDC regulated) into two different lines for non-PoE devices.

This is an economical, practical, high-performance, and reliable Isolated 5V 2A PoE Splitter with USB C Plug based on IEEE 802.3af standard. It can divide power and data signals from a network cable and can be used with any PoE injector that is compatible with IEEE 802.3af, and supply power and data for non-PoE network equipment.

Whew, that's quite a few words - but basically: Connect this to your PoE switch or hub, then on the other side of the Ethernet cable, you'll get Ethernet and a high-quality 5V power supply, up to 2 Amps.

This is perfect for use with a Raspberry Pi 4 or Pi 400 (or other "USB C Power" Raspberry Pi) since it has Ethernet and USB-C, and 2 Amp is a good amount of current for even the most accessorized Pi. It isn't a good match for the Pi Zero or A+ because those don't have Ethernet and don't use Type C. It would also be a perfect addition to a Feather with our Ethernet Feather attached as long as it's, again, a USB Type C connection for power.

Please note that like many active PoE splitters, there's a minimum load requirement of at least 100mA on the 5V power supply. We don't think this is going to be a problem since anything with Ethernet will tend to draw 200mA+, but please keep it in mind!

    For use only with true 802.3af routers! If you don't have a PoE injector / hub / router, check out our passive PoE cable kit.

    Technical Details

    • Ethernet cable length: 160mm / 6.3"
    • USB C cable length: 160mm / 6.3"
    • Body dimensions: 82mm x 28.5mm 23.2mm / 3.2" x 1.1" x 0.9"

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