Pixie Chroma - Chainable 5x7 RGB LED Matrix Display

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Pixie Chroma is a dual-5x7 character display that can be easily chained to create easy-to-use displays as long or tall as you'd like!

Each PCB features 70 addressable WS2812-compatible RGB LEDs in two side-by-side 5x7 grids that can display numbers and characters. Each Pixie Chroma can be controlled with as little as a single GPIO and can be chained together to make longer character displays.

Please Note: The Arduino library only supports ESP32 family, ESP8266 or Teensy 3.x chipsets! You cannot use Arduino boards with SAMD, ATmega, or nRF chipsets, for example.


  • Dual 5x7 RGB LED matrices
  • 3.7 to 5.5 VDC supply
  • Fast bitmap control
  • 8-bit global dimming
  • 27.5mm x 16.5mm matrix size (10.16 PPI)
  • 30mm x 24mm package


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