NRF24L01 RF Board (B) [Discontinued]

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The NRF24L01 has become a popular wireless option for makers across the planet as they seek out wireless solutions with ever-increasing range.

This is Waveshare's NRF24L01 RF Board featuring an original NRF24L01 transceiver, offering a convenient wireless 2.4G solution with its embedded antenna and familiar pinout.

Always remember that range varies depending on the environment and interference, site testing is recommended!


  • Onboard original NRF24L01
  • Wireless 2.4G solution for SPI interface
  • Embedded 2.4GHz antenna
  • Communication distance (open outdoor environment):
    • Up to 55m (perfect conditions!) with few or no packet loss (software configuration: 250kbps, 0dBm, low noise amplifier gain)
  • SPI interface pinout is compatible with some Open series boards
  • SMD 0402 resistor/capacitor, lower cost for bulk purchase



  • NRF24L01 modules talk to each other, so you may need two of these for communication. This item is for a single board.
  • Operating voltage: 1.9V~3.6V (NEVER more than 3.6V)

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