Nozzle Wrench Set for 3D Printers

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3D printing is fun. Changing your nozzle is NOT fun - especially if you're still using the awkward, uncomfortable spanner you got free with your printer!

We put these compact nozzle wrenches to the test and they've quickly become a must-have 3D printing tool for now they're available for you as well. They're not exciting or pretty, but they make nozzle changes a doddle. Don't forget to heat up your nozzle before changing it...just don't leave the tool in place for too long or the heat will gradually climb up the arm of the tool.

These tools make it very easy to swap nozzles, but be careful to not over-tighten your nozzles with your new-found leverage - brass can only withstand so much force before it'll break off in your hot end and cause you misery!

You get two wrenches in the set - 6mm and 7mm - covering most traditional nozzles such as our MK8 style nozzles.

Note: These do not fit our hardened steel nozzles.


  • Nozzle wrench set
  • Includes 6mm and 7mm wrenches
  • Approx. 100mm long
  • Compatible with most traditional 6mm/7mm nozzles
  • Makes nozzle change sadness a thing of the past!

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