MR24BSD1 24GHz mmWave Sensor - Respiratory Sleep Detection Module

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The MR24BSD1 24GHz radar module applies Doppler radar detection technology to provide human sleep quality monitoring, detecting body movement and being stationary along with human breathing rate, providing a fully private and secure environment. It provides useful privacy-protected, secure sensor radar systems in smart home applications like sleep safety alarms, sleep respiratory detection, and movement monitoring.

Compared to the traditional PIR sensor, 24GHz mmWave sensors offer better performance of human activities detection for high sensitivity. The transmitting mmWave is millimetre-level which means mmWave sensors will keep sensing even if there is a shelter block of the detected object. Unlike rapid responses to PIR sensors, mmWave sensors detect objects continuously. All of this makes mmWave sensors quite useful in living rooms, hotels, or even prison that requires monitoring all the time.

The MR24BSD1 radar leverages the performance of the 24GHz mmWave to monitor human sleep quality implements based on received breathing rate and body movement while people are asleep. Furthermore, the radar is independent of temperature, humidity, noise, airflow, dust, light, and other environmental influences. Designed with a low power output, the radar maintains a health-friendly working status while it is detecting.

The radar supports secondary development and it adapts to various scenarios applications as it includes scene recognition capability that identifies occupied/unoccupied and personnel activity status. The detected area is a horizontal 40°/vertical 40° sector beam and it detects 1.5 meters of body movement and 1.5 meters of human breathing rate.


  • Enabled theory: Implement detection based on 24GHz mmWave Doppler radar technology
  • Vital signs detection: Sense simultaneously moving and stationary persons, detect respiratory sleep to monitor human sleep quality
  • Perfect privacy protection: Apply mmWave monitoring technology to provide surveillance capabilities without identification
  • Health-friendly working status: Output power as low as harmless to the human body
  • High stability: Independent from temperature, humidity, noise, airflow, dust, light and other environmental influences
  • High flexibility radar: Support secondary development and adapt to various scenarios and applications
  • Product number: Seeed 101990885


Detection Angle and Distance

Parameter content Minimum value Typical values Maximum value Unit
MR24BSD1 (32-point narrow beam antenna)
Sleeper perception distance - - 2.75 meter
Fall state sensing distance 0.5 1.5 meter
Radar detection angle (horizontal) - 40 - degree
Radar detection angle (pitch) - 40 - degree

Electrical characteristics

Operating parameters Minimum value Typical values Maximum value Unit
Operating voltage (VCC) 4.5 5 6 V
Operating current (ICC) 90 93 100 mA
Operating I\O Inflow/Output Current (IIO) - 8 20 mA
Operating temperature (TOP) -20 - 60
Storage temperature (TST) -40 - 80

RF Performance

Launching parameters
Operating frequency (fTX) 24 - 24.25 GHz
Transmitted power (Pout) - - 6 dBm



Interface Pins Description Typical Values Description

Interface 1

1 5V 5.0V Positive Power Input
2 GND Ground
3 RX Serial Port Reception
4 TX Serial Port Send
5 S1 3.3V/0V Occupied/Unoccupied
6 S2 3.3V/0V Stationary/Active
Interface 2

1 3V3 3.3V Output Power
2 GND Ground
3 SL Reserved
4 SD Reserved
5 GP1 Spare Extension Pins
6 GP2 Spare Extension Pins
7 GP3 Spare Extension Pins
8 GP4 Spare Extension Pins

Package Contents

  • 1x MR24BSD1 24GHz mmWave Radar Module

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