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Mounting Kit (Standoffs)

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This mounting kit provides you different types of standoffs with screws and nuts which are most commonly used in our projects here at DFRobot. We use them to mount circuit boards and help build robots.
These are put into different compartments of an adjustable compartment parts box(24 compartments) .

  • Nylon female-female standoff(M3x10mm)          x10
  • Nylon female-female standoff(M3x20mm)          x10
  • Nylon female-female standoff(M3x30mm)          x10
  • Copper female-female standoff(M3x10mm)         x10
  • Copper female-female standoff(M3x20mm)         x10
  • Copper female-female standoff(M3x30mm)         x10
  • Nylon male-female standoff(M3x6mm)             x10
  • Nylon male-female standoff(M3x10mm)            x10
  • Nylon male-female standoff(M3x20mm)            x10
  • Nylon male-female standoff(M3x30mm)            x10
  • Copper male-female standoff(M3x10mm)           x10
  • Copper male-female standoff(M3x20mm)           x10
  • Copper male-female standoff(M3x30mm)           x10
  • Philips truss screw (M3x6mm)                   x200
  • M3 nut                                         x100  

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