Motor Shield V2.0 for Arduino

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This motor shield allows you to control the speed and direction of motors using Arduino. Built around the L298 Dual Full-Bridge Drive Chip, it can handle two DC motors or a one-step motor. The shield can be powered either directly from the Arduino or through an external 5V to 15V power supply connected to its DC jack. It's a good fit for projects like microrobots and smart vehicles. 

The shield uses Arduino/Seeeduino board pins D8 to D13. Pins D8, D11, D12, and D13 are for controlling motor speed and direction, while D9 and D10 enable pins for the shield's two channels. You would use these six pins to control up to two motors with one shield.


  • Arduino/Seeeduino compatible
  • Standardized shape design
  • LED enable indicator
  • LED rotation direction indicator
  • Overcurrent turn-off
  • Built around the dual full-bridge drive chip L298
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Product number: Seeed 105030001


Spec Value
Operating voltage 5V
External Power 6-15V
Output Current 2.0A Max @ Each Channel
PWM Range 0-100%
Output 2 Channels, 4 Ports
Dimensions 100mm x 65mm x 30mm
Weight 62g



1. Channel 1 indicator, include 3 LEDs

  • EB - channel 1 enable, high active
  • IN3 - status of OUT3
  • IN4 - status of OUT4

2. Channel 1 Sense - Please connect the left 2 pins together for normal use

Note that it's a high-level application for sensing the current, please refer to the datasheet and schematic for more information.

3. OUTPUT - There are 2 channels, and each channel has 2 outputs

  • Channel 0 - OUT1, OUT2
  • Channel 1 - OUT3, OUT4

4. Channel 0 Sense

5. Channel 0 indicator, include 3 LEDs

  • EB - channel 0 enable, high active
  • IN1 - status of OUT1
  • IN2 - status of OUT2

6. External Power Input, range 6-15V

7. Reset Indicator - turns red when the Reset button is pressed

8. Reset Button - pressed to reset the shield and Arduino

9. Power Indicator - turns green when power in, either internal or external

A. Power Switch

  • Connect - Get power from Arduino
  • Disconnect - Get power from External sources

B. Standard Arduino Shield Pinout

Package Contents

  • 1x Motor Shield V2.0

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