Motor Driver Board V2 for the micro:bit [Discontinued]

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This motor driver board for the BBC micro:bit allows two motors to be driven simultaneously with forward, reverse & stop control, making it ideal for designs such as buggies. It is based on the DRV8833 motor driver IC, which has built-in short circuit, over current and thermal protection.

The board includes an integrated Edge Connector slot for your BBC micro:bit to easily slot into. It also features external connections to the button A and button B inputs. This allows additional switches/inputs to be connected to the motor driver board and the state of these can then be read by the BBC micro:bit.

There are 2 additional inputs/outputs. These can be used for connecting a range of parts and can be used in either digital or analogue modes.

The board also produces a regulated 3V supply that is fed into the 80 way connector to power the inserted BBC micro:bit, removing the need to power the BBC micro:bit directly

The board has been designed so that the BBC micro:bit can be inserted either way around (facing forward or backwards) however if you wish to use the broken out pins the LED matrix on the BBC micro:bit must be facing them.


  • Drive 2 motors with full forward, reverse and stop control
  • Terminal blocks for easy connection of motors and inputs
  • 4 inputs (2 analogue inputs and 2 provide external connections to Buttons A and B as inputs)
  • Includes Edge Connector for the BBC micro:bit to slot into
  • Provides regulated power to the BBC micro:bit
  • Access the other BBC micro:bit pins easily and conveniently
  • Ideal for designs such as buggies and other robotics projects
  • Operating Voltage of 3V to 10V

Package Contents

  • 1 x Edge Connector Motor Driver Board for the BBC micro:bit - V2


  • Length: 67mm
  • Width: 61mm
  • Height: 18mm


  • 1 x BBC micro:bit
  • 3V - 10V Power Supply
  • 2 x DC Motors (that are compatible with the power supply used)
  • 1 x Flat-headed Terminal Screwdriver



As of 09/02/2021 we are shipping the updated V2 version of this product with slight cosmetic changes to the original.

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