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The motor:bit is a motor driving board for the BBC micro:bit. It has an integrated TB6612 motor driving chip, which is used to drive two motors with maximun 1.2A DC single-channel current.

The motor:bit also has 12x GVS ports and 1x IIC communication port. These ports allow you to extend with various sensors and electric modules. On the board, P3-P7, P9-P10 are IO ports for directly driving 3.3V devices; P13-P16, P19-P20(IIC port) support 3.3V/5V voltage switch.

By sliding the voltage switch onboard, it's possible to drive 3.3V or 5V devices. You can also play music with the buzzer on the motor:bit!

The motor:bit is designed for makers!. You can use it to create your own smart car or similar projects.


  • Supports 2x DC motors
  • Max driving current of single-channel = 1.2A
  • Extend 14-channel IO ports by GVS pins
  • 6 ports support 3V/5V voltage switch
  • With 1 passive buzzer on board.

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