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The Monk Makes Plant Monitor is a capacitive soil moisture sensor combined with temperature and relative humidity measurement! This sensor uses a capacitive sensor which resists corrosion much better than traditional soil moisture sensors.

Thanks to the capacitive prongs and onboard AHT10 temperature and humidity sensor, you can keep an eye on your plant's soil moisture levels whilst also monitoring its local conditions, feeding data to your favourite microcontroller via serial for your project to use!

Once powered up, the plant monitor will immediately start displaying the level of wetness using the builtin LED. Red means dry, green means wet. Before you put the Plant Monitor in the pot, try gripping the prong in your hand and the moisture of your body should be enough to alter the LED's colour.

Compatible with the BBC micro:bit, Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi Pico / Pico W, Arduino and most other microcontroller boards.


  • Superior capacitive sensor
  • Alligator clip/crocodile clip rings
  • Ready soldered header pins for your choice of microcontroller
  • Easy to use UART serial interface
  • Additional analog output for moisture only
  • Built-in RGB LED



Absolute maximum supply voltage 3.6V
Minimum supply voltage 2.4V
Typical current consumption 8mA
Maximum current consumption 15mA

Sensor Characteristics

Moisture range  0-+100%
Moisture analog output sensitivity 0-2.5V
Moisture analog output sensitivity 25mV/%
Temperature range -10-60°C
Temperature accuracy (from AHT10 datasheet) +/- 0.3°C
Relative Humidity range 0-100%
Relative Humidity accuracy (from AHT10 datasheet) +/- 2%
Sample time (moisture)* 20-1500ms
Max sample time (temp and humidity) 100ms


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