10mm Spacer for Modular Raspberry Pi Case - Clear

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The Pi HutModular Raspberry Pi 4 Case - Clear
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These spacers increase the internal height of our Modular Raspberry Pi Case by 10mm per spacer and can be stacked to increase the headroom further. Additional (longer) screws required - please read below notes.

For example, 2 spacers would be 20mm extra. Up to 5 spacers can be used, using longer screws if the case needs to be secured.

The spacers are compatible with both our Raspberry Pi 2/3 Modular case and the new Raspberry Pi 4 version.

10mm Stackable Spacers Features

  • Spacers raise the internal height by 10mm enabling the case to grow with your project
  • Spacers can be stacked, increasing the internal height by up to 50mm

Screw Size Guide

Depending on the number of spacers required, the length of the screw required will change.

Below is a table showing the use of up to 5 spacers with corresponding screw lengths. We currently stock 3 screw lengths which are linked below.

Screws types compatible with spacers plates are both No.4 (US) and M3 (UK/EU).

No. of Spacers Screw Length Required (mm)
0 28 (Included with Case)
1 38
2 48
3 58
4 68
5 78

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