mmWave Human Detection Sensor Kit

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Introducing our ready-to-use, open-source mmWave Human Detection Sensor Kit, driven by the Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3 (included).

This kit comes with an onboard 24GHz mmWave Human Static Presence Module Lite, which can be swapped out for any mmWave series sensor from Seeed. Additionally, we've provided two reserved Grove interfaces (Analog, IIC) that enable connectivity with over 400 different Grove modules, expanding the kit's capabilities extensively

The kit is compatible with the Seeed Studio Grove modules. It's also designed for easy integration with Home Assistant and offers wireless updates. This kit is versatile and made for applications like intrusion detection and elderly care monitoring.

This sensor kit is a practical tool for human detection, suitable for smart home automation and security.


  • Precision Human Detection
  • Flexible Customisation
  • Easy Setup, Wireless Updates
  • Seamless Connectivity
  • Scalable Solution
  • Product Number: Seeed 110061541



Package Contents

  • 1x mmWave Human Detection Sensor (includes XIAO ESP32C3)
  • 1x White USB Type-C Data Cable
  • 1x Installation Kit (including 1x Phillips Screwdriver, 3x Copper Posts, 6x Screws, and 2x Pieces of Round 3M Double-Sided Tape)

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