Mini Power Meter with Voltage, Current, Watts, mAh & mWh Display

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This Mini Power Meter with Voltage, Current, Watts, mAh & mWh Display (whew that is a mouth-full) is a lot like the USB In-Line Voltage and Current Meter we carry but can be used with a wide range of voltages (not just USB connections). Measure the working voltage and current output for any project with this really fancy power meter.

This power meter has a small LCD display that shows off voltage, watts, amps, and mAH and instantly reads the numbers out for testing devices, such as chargers, cables, and cell phones. There are a few nice extras in this very fancy monitor, such as showing the ambient temperature and calculating the cumulative Watt-hours and milliAmp-hours over a running time. Basically it's an all-in-one power management solution that doesn't require any calculation or data logging on your part.

You can have it self-power from the power source it's measuring (it has a quiescent of about 20mA and requires at least 3V), or you can power separately from a JST connector or power-only micro USB socket.

Comes with

  • 1 x 2-pin JST Connector
  • 1 x NTC Temperature Sensor

Technical Details

Revision History:

  • As of June 23, 2020, this power mini kit no longer comes with positive and negative alligator clips, but now includes an NTC temperature sensor.


  • Input/output interface: 20 A large current screw terminal
  • Voltage range: 0.00 V ~ 150 V
    Resolution precision: 0.05 V
  • Current range: 0.00A ~ 20.0 A
    Resolution precision: 0.05A
  • Capacity range: 0 ~ 999.999 Ah
    Resolution precision: 0.01 Ah
  • Power cumulative range: 0 ~ 99999.9 Wh
    Resolution precision: 0.01 Wh
  • Power range: 000.00 ~ 2999.99 W
    Resolution precision: 0.01 W
  • Impedance range: 1 ~ 999.9 ohm
    Resolution precision: 0.1 ohm
  • Temperature range: 0 ~ 99 C
    Resolution precision: 1 degree C
  • Timing maximum time: 999 H 59 M 59 S
    Resolution precision: 1S
  • Small current standby alert threshold parameters: < 2W / 0.5 H
  • Small voltage power supply requirements: measuring < 5V
  • When voltage within range of 4 ~ 30V DC sensor is selfpowering
  • For low voltage measurements, please supply independent power supply interface
  • Measurement rate: 0.5 times per second
  • Over-voltage over-current set the alarm mode: display warning interface
    to alert users
  • Over-voltage alert set range: 1 ~ 300V
    Under-voltage alert set range: 0 ~ 149V
  • Current alert set range: 0.2 ~ 100A
  • Product size: 48mm x 29mm x 22 mm
  • Quiescent current: < 20 mA
  • Working temperature: -10 ~ + 60 degrees Celsius
  • Working humidity: 10 ~ 80 % RH
  • Working pressure: 80 ~ 106 kPa

Product Dimensions: 47.5mm x 28.5mm x 26.8mm / 1.9" x 1.1" x 1.1"

Product Weight: 18.5g / 0.7oz

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