Mini LED Arcade Button - 24mm Translucent Clear

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This Translucent Clear 24mm button is great for any arcade project and other inputs. They are ideal for arcade machines, as they are sturdy and resilient for fast and vigorous hits (We've all been there before where you bashed the machine buttons until your fingers bled to achieve victory). As well as these buttons looking great unlit, they also have LED's built in to give a warm glow as you play your favourite game. There isn't a strong indication that you have hit the button, but with it's smooth action, you will know it's been pressed.

These buttons have two surface mount LEDs with resistors built in, hiding in the body of the button. Next to the switch contacts you'll find two additional contacts for powering and controlling the LEDs. These LEDs are connected in parallel with ~1K resistors each, so you can power the LED from a microcontroller pin or direct from 5V (for example a USB) with 10mA draw. You can go down to 3.3V power, only 2mA per button, but it will be dimmer (still a lovely glow mind you)

There are a great variety of fantastic colours to choose from (6 in total). To view the other colours, and the buttons without built in LED's click here.

The rear terminals work perfectly with our 2.8mm/0.11" quick-connect wires, which press on firmly for a solid connection.


  • Weight: 10.3 grams
  • Supply Voltage: 5V @ 10mA


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