M5StickC Vibration HAT

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 The M5StickC Vibration HAT is a motor designed for the M5StickC/C-Plus series. It is made of a cylindrical iron core patch Z3OC1T8219731 motor. The motor speed is 12000 RPM. It can produce various vibration effects, such as increasing or decreasing vibration level, producing a click effect, producing different buzzer effects, and even vibrating with a music/audio input. It can be applied to all kinds of electronic products, such as information prompts and touch feedback.


  • Clockwise rotating motor
  • Rotational speed: 12000RPM
  • Compatible with StickC/C-PLUS
  • Supported platforms UIFlow, Arduino


Resources Parameters
Vibrator Z3OC1T8219731 motor
Motor construction 4mm×3mm cylindrical core SMT motor
Motor Number of magnet poles 2-poles(inner magnet type)
Quota voltage 3.0V
Rated current 85mA
Rated speed 12000RPM
Using voltage 2.3V-4.5V
Operating conditions 0~95%RH , 0-40℃
Vibration Frequency 10 to 55Hz
Product Size 24mm × 21mm × 14mm
Package Size 136mm × 92mm × 14mm
Product Weight 4.7g
Package Weight 7.1g


Package Contents

  • 1x HAT-Vibrator
  • 1x Double-sided sticker

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