M5Stack M5StickC Hat - Ambient Light Sensor

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M5StackM5Stack M5StickC ToF HAT(VL53L0X)
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The M5Stack DLight HAT Digital Ambient Light Sensor extends the M5StickC/C Plus to have ambient light sensing capability.

The unit adopts a BH1750FV sensor (I2C interface) with integrated 16-bit ADC and supports wide-range LUX and high resolution (1 - 65535 LX).

Compact in size and low power consumption, it's suitable for various light-sensing applications.


  • Compatible with M5StickC/C Plus
  • Supports I2C interface (addr: 0x23)
  • Illumination digital conversion
  • Supports light source variations (incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, white LED, sunlight, etc)
  • Wide Range LUX (1-65535 lx)

Package Contents

  • 1x DLight HAT


  • Smart Factory
  • Home Automation
  • Ambient light Sensing Scenario


Specifications Parameters
Sensor Model BH1750FVI
Illumination detection range 1-65535 lx
Communication interface I2C communication interface (addr: 0x23)
Typical peak sensitivity wavelength 560nm
Working current <3.3V@0.3mA
AD conversion depth 16bit
Net weight 4.8g
Gross weight 6.8g
Product Size 25 * 24 * 14mm
Package Size 93 * 138mm


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