M5Stack Dial - ESP32-S3 Smart Rotary Knob with 1.28" Round Touch Screen

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DFRobotRFID card (13.56Mhz)
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The M5 Dial serves as a versatile embedded development board tailored for smart home control applications. It comes equipped with a 1.28" round TFT touchscreen, a rotary encoder, RFID detection, an RTC circuit, a buzzer, and under-screen buttons, making it user-friendly for creative projects.

Driving the show is the M5StampS3 controller, based on the ESP32-S3 chip, offering essential features like Wi-Fi and various peripheral interfaces like SPI, I2C, UART, and ADC. It's got a decent 8MB of built-in flash storage, so you won't run out of room for your projects.

The rotary encoder isn't just for show – it's there to make adjusting settings easy. It allows you to tweak the volume, and brightness, or manage your home devices, and the built-in display screen keeps things simple and interactive. Compact and lightweight, the M5Dial suits various embedded applications, from smart home controls to industrial automation systems. 

The RFID detection feature recognises RFID cards and tags at 13.56MHz, which is useful for access control and identity verification. Additionally, it includes an RTC circuit, buzzer, and a physical button for sound prompts and wake-up operations. Powering up is hassle-free. It accepts 6-36V DC input and even plays nice with external Lithium batteries. USB-C, DC interface, or battery – pick your preferred power source. 

It offers two reserved interfaces (PORT A and PORT B) for your I2C and GPIO devices, allowing you to connect additional sensors, displays, or peripherals. It's low-key, reliable, and ready to assist in your next project.

Power On: 

Wake-up can be started by pressing the "Wake" button and IRQ signal is triggered by RTC periodically. After triggering the wake-up signal, the hold (G46) pin needs to be set to a high level (1) during program initialisation to maintain the power supply, otherwise, the device will enter a sleep state again.


When there is no USB external power supply, press the RST key to achieve; Or when there is no USB external power supply, set HOLD (GPIO46)=0 in the program operation, that is, to achieve power off.


  • Circular TFT touch screen
  • M5StampS3
  • Encoder
  • RFID
  • 6-36V voltage input
  • Interface extension: reserved PORT A and PORT B interfaces
  • Programming platform: Arduino, UIFlow, ESP-IDF


Resources Parameters
MCU ESP32-S3@Xtensa LX7 ,8M-FLASH,WIFI,OTG\CDC Function
Voltage Input Range 6-36V
Screen Driver GC9A01
1.28" 240 x 240px
Touch Driver FT3267
Standby Current (battery-powered standby current) DC4.2V/1.9uA
Working Current DC6V power supply : DC6V/140.6mA
DC12V power supply: DC12V/82.5mA
DC36V power supply: DC36V/28.1mA
Product Size 45 x 45 x 32.3mm
Package Size 163 x 120 x 59mm
Product Weight 46.6g
Package Weight 83.83g


Package Contents

  • 1x M5Dial
  • 1x M2 Hex Key
  • 1x 2.54-2P Terminal

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