Gravity: I2C/UART 4-pin PH2.0 to Male Jumper Cables (10-pack)

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These high-quality 30cm I2C/UART sensor cables are equipped with a 4-pin PH2.0 plug connector on one side and a male jumper connector on the other.

Each package includes 10 cables compatible with breadboards and jumper wire spacing. They're colour labelled, which is convenient for distinguishing the sensor output type and wiring your project.

They are specially designed for use with I2C/UART devices and sensors.


  • I2C/UART version
  • Compatible with breadboards
  • JSP PH2.0 to male jumper wire
  • 30cm long
  • Colour labelled
  • 10-pack


  • Voltage rating: <50V
  • Current rating: <1000mA
  • Length: 30cm
  • Interface: 4-pin PH2.0-DuPont Male
  • Black Wire: Power -
  • Red Wire: Power +
  • I2C: Red -VCC, Black - GND, Blue - SCL, Green - SDA
  • UART: Red - VCC, Black - GND, Blue - TX, Green - RX

Package Contents

  • 10x Gravity: 4-pin I2C/UART PH2.0 to male jumper cable (30cm)

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