Left & Right Mecanum Wheel Pair - 48mm Diameter (TT Motor or Cross Axle (2-pack))

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If you're unfamiliar with mecanum wheels, this Matching Left & Right pack of 48mm Diameter Mecanum Wheels may resemble everyday chunky wheels Frankenstein'd out of mini hair curler rollers. In reality, they are very cool, omnidirectional wheels with rollers that are supported by ball-bearings, allowing a four-wheeled robot to move in any direction. There are nine rubber beads around the perimeter of each wheel that lets it grip the floor when moving sideways.

These wheels have a little insert that lets them be used by Building block-compatible cross-bar or low-cost TT motors. They simply snap on.

The left and right wheels have an L and R embossed on the hub. You will need at least 2 left and 2 right wheels in order to use all of the movement combinations.

We also carry the left and right wheel separately - however, long term we will only be able to stock these as a pair.

Technical Details

  • Wheel diameter: 48mm
  • Wheel width: 25mm / 1"
  • Hub Insert Length: 7.5mm / 0.3"

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