LDR - Light Dependent Resistor (5 Pack)

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Light Dependent Resistors (LDRs) are little light sensors, and this is a BIG pack of 5 of them! As the squiggly face is exposed to more light, the resistance goes down. When it's light, the resistance is about 5-10K ohms, when dark it goes up to 200K ohms.

These are the same KLDRs we use in our popular Edukit #2 Sensors.

To use, connect one side of the photocell (either one, it's symmetric) to power (for example 5V) and the other side to your microcontroller's analogue input pin. Then connect a 10K pull-down resistor from that analogue pin to ground. The voltage on the pin will be 2.5V or higher when it's light out, and near ground when it's dark.


  • 5mm Diameter
  • Resistance Decreases as the Light on the Device Increases
  • Dark resistance: 1M ohm
  • Resistance @ 10 Lux: 10-20k ohm
  • Resistance @ 100 Lux: 2-4k ohm
  • Max. voltage: 150V peak AC or DC
  • Power dissipation: 100mW
  • Lead pitch: 3mm
  • Operating temperature: –30°C to +70°C

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