JST-PH Jumper Assembly (4 Wire)

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JST-PH jumper wires are our favorite type of "crimp" connector. They're solid, reliable, compact, low-cost, easy to connect/disconnect, and simple to solder on most projects! JST-PH connectors are 8.0mm (.295") in height after mounting, 4.5mm (.177") in width and feature a low-profile 2.0mm (.079") pitch connector. All assemblies are 150mm (6") long and feature colour coding for easy hacking!

We stock 2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire and 5-wire JST -PH jumper assemblies, with a male JST connector on one end and bare cable on the opposite end. All assemblies come with a corresponding right angle female mating connector. These can be used in breadboards, but they're best used in soldered assemblies.


  • 4 Pin JST PH Assembly & 4 Pin Right Angle Connector
  • Current rating: 2A AC, DC (AWG #24)
  • Voltage rating: 100V AC, DC
  • Temperature range: -25?C to +85?C (including temperature rise in applying electrical current)
  • Contact resistance: Initial value/10m ? max. After environmental testing/20m ? max.
  • Insulation resistance: 1,000M ? min.
  • Withstanding voltage: 800V AC/minute
  • Applicable wire: AWG #32 to #24
  • Applicable PC board thickness: 0.8 to 1.6mm(.031" to .063")
  • The dimple at the center of the contact ensures positive contact and low contact resistance at all times.
  • The contact has a long wire strip holding length of 2.6 +/-0.4mm.
  • Fully shrouded header


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