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The DigiAMP+ is a combined DAC and amplifier for your Raspberry Pi (any 40-pin model), offering 24-bit depth and 192kHz (Full HD) audio and the ability to drive 2x 35W speakers - a complete HiFi that’s the size of a deck of cards!

The DigiAMP+ uses the Texas Instruments TAS5756M Power DAC to deliver direct connection to passive stereo speakers at up to 2x35W with variable output. It's the ideal board for a Pi-based HiFi project!

DigiAMP+ must be powered from an external 12-24V (DC) power supply to operate, which powers both the HAT and Raspberry Pi (the Pi can pull up to 5.1V 2.5A from this setup). You cannot power your Raspberry Pi separately - this could damage your hardware! Users can also choose to hard-wire their own power source via the P5 pads (please observe polarity markings).

The amplifier is by default muted at power-on (mute LED lit). The mute state / LED is under software control (Raspberry Pi GPIO22).


  • Standard 40-pin header (compatible with any 40-pin Raspberry Pi)
  • Combined DAC + Amplifier
  • 24-bit depth 192kHz (Full HD) audio
  • 2x 35W output for external speakers
  • Single 12-24V power supply for both the Pi and HAT
  • Power and mute LEDs
  • Barrel connector: 5.5mmx2.5mm, centre-positive
  • Onboard EEPROM for auto-configuration
  • No soldering required
  • Terminal connectors and standoffs included
  • Compatible with Volumio, Rune, Max2Play, MoodeAudio

Board Features

IQaudIO Digi-AMP Features

  • P5: Alternative power input for hard wired installations (check polarity before powering up!)
  • P8: TAS5756m Internal GPIO1/2/3


The IQaudIO Product Guide and Manual provides a great deal of information about each IQaudIO board including setup, configuration, software options and project suggestions.

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