Human Micro-Motion Detection mmWave Sensor (24GHz)

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This human detection sensor is equipped with 24GHz 1T1R antennas, an onboard MCU, and a built-in human micro-motion sensing algorithm. This setup allows for accurate detection of moving, micro-motion, and stationary humans. It features a UART communication protocol for easy configuration of sensing distance, sensitivity, and delay in absence reports. Additionally, it offers outputs via UART port and GPIO header, making it compatible with host boards like Raspberry Pi and Arduino.


  • Based on AIoT mmWave Sensor SoC S3KM1110, onboard high performance 24GHz 1T1R antennas
  • Onboard MCU and built-in human micro-motion sensing algorithm for accurate detection of moving, micro-motion, and standing human
  • UART communication protocol, supports configuring sensing distance range, sensitivity, and absence report delay, easy to operate
  • Supports UART port and GPIO header output, for connecting to host boards such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino
  • Wide-range moving human body sensing distance, supports top-mounted and wall-mounted detection
  • Comes with online resources and manual (examples for Raspberry Pi/RP2040/Arduino/ESP32/Jetson Nano)


Frequency band 24~24.25GHz
Bandwidth 0.25GHz
Modulation FMCW
Power supply 3.3V
Output interface UART & GPIO
UART baud rate 115200bps (default)
Environment temperature -40~85℃
Dimension 20 x 20mm
System Performance
Detection range (wall-mounted) Moving human target: 10m; Micro-motion human target: 6m
Detection range (top-mounted) Moving human target: 5m; Micro-motion human target: 4m
Detection distance resolution 0.7m
Detection angle ±60°
Detection accuracy 0.15m (moving target within 10m radial distance from the radar)
Average operation current 50mA
Data refresh cycle 100ms



J2 Pin Label Function Description
J2Pin1 3V3 Power Input 3.0~3.6V,Typ.3.3V
J2Pin2 GND Ground Connect to the Ground
J2Pin3 TX UART_TX 0~3.3V
J2Pin4 RX UART_RX 0~3.3V
J2Pin5 OT2 IO, Used for reporting detection status: High output level for presence, low output level for absence. 0~3.3V

Package Contents

  • 1x Human Micro-Motion Detection mmWave Sensor

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