HAT Breakout Board For Raspberry Pi Pico

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This board breaks out your Raspberry Pi Pico pins to handy male/female headers and also provides a traditional 2x20 40-pin HAT connection on the same board, allowing you to control Raspberry Pi HATs with your Pico!

Pico Prototyping with ease

Most users will solder male headers to the underside of their Pico for use with the many Pico HATs and add-ons available, however, this makes it tricky for straight-forward jumper wire prototyping. This breakout board solves that problem, accepting your male headered Pico and breaking out to both male and female pin options.

A pack of jumper wires and a set of standoff fixings are included, and the board has clear GPIO pin markings to help you identify the right connections- just grab a breadboard and you're ready to prototype with your Pico!

Connect HATs to your Pico!

On the other side of the board is a 4-pin connector for fitting Raspberry Pi HATs, allowing you to use them with your Raspberry Pi Pico! Next to the connector are clear pin labels showing the mapping between the HAT/Raspberry Pi format to assist you with your code adaptation for MicroPython/C/C++.

Note: Raspberry Pi Pico not included. You'll need a Pico with male headers soldered to it. You can grab a Pico here and Pico male headers here, or buy a Pico with pre-soldered headers. Please pay attention to the direction of the 40-pin Header. Incorrect orientation may damage your device.


  • Compatible with the Raspberry Pi Pico
  • A practical solution for Pico prototyping
  • Connect Raspberry Pi HATs to your Pico
  • Male and female Pico output headers
  • 40-pin 2x2 Raspberry Pi HAT connector
  • Clear pin markings
  • Easy to install

Package Includes

  • 1 x Breakout HAT Board For Raspberry Pi Pico
  • 4 x M2.5x11 Copper Pillar
  • 4 x M2.5 Nut
  • 1 x Jumper Wire Pack

Raspberry Pi Pico and HATs not included

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