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The Grove Wrapper is a protective wrapper to fix and protect Grove modules! These wrappers will save you a lot of work on aligning your modules, and make it easy for you to mount and display your project. 

Grove Wrappers are compatible with 'popular Danish building blocks' and the mechanical design makes it easy to assemble and disassemble modules. You can also screw them down with M2/M4 fixings.

This listing is for 1x2 size wrappers - we also stock smaller 1x1 wrappers (both versions are pictured).

Note: Around 85% of all Grove modules are supported by these wrappers (unfortunately there's no definitive list produced by Seeed).

Colours Available

  • Blue - Product number: Seeed 110070026
  • Yellow - Product number: Seeed 110070025
  • Red - Product number: Seeed 110070027
  • Green - Product number: Seeed 110070024


  • Flex fastener to install and replace Grove modules conveniently
  • Multiple colours available
  • Keep your project safe
  • Half-open space, no disruption for using Grove modules
  • Compatible with 'popular Danish building blocks'
  • Support being fastened with screws (M2, M4)


    Package Contents

    • Grove wrappers 1x2 (4 pieces - select colour before adding to cart)
    • Fixings

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