Grove Shield for micro:bit v2.0

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The Grove Shield for micro:bit v2.0 is an extension board designed to add to the capabilities of the micro:bit. It has a compact and user-friendly microcontroller aimed towards introducing programming to kids and beginners. This shield links the micro:bit and the Grove system, with an ecosystem made up of various modules such as sensors, actuators, communication devices, and displays. This integration expands the potential of the micro:bit, allowing an easy development of a wide array of projects.

Note: This does NOT come with the micro:bit


  • Plug-and-Play Interface
  • Grove Connectors
  • Special Function Pinouts: P0, P1, and P2, have touch functionality
  • On-board USB port to power up your micro:bit
  • Edge connectors for crocodile clip and 4mm banana plugs
  • Product Number: Seeed 103100063


Dimensions 72mm x 72mm x 13mm
Weight G.W 27.5g
Battery Exclude
DC Interfaces 1x Micro USB
Grove Interface P0/P14,P1/P15,P2/P16,I2C
Grove ZERO Interface 1x Grove ZERO
Logic Interface 3V3/P0/P1/P2/P8/P12/P13/GND


Package Contents

  • 1x Grove Shield for micro:bit v2.0

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